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The Future

"The rap game needs change, and I'm it..."



When $inCity Records heard the whispers of an evolved form of 90's hip hop growing in a hood known as Manor Projects they were immediately interested and made their move to scoop up talent.


The talent they found was that of a 19 year old rapper named 9_4 ( nine_four ) who had dreams of going from nothing to something using only the sound of his music and a heart of gold.

His music is a throwback and homage to artists that came before him like Mobb Deep, Wu Tang Clan, Nas, Redman and many others from the 90's.

When Olu ( $inCity Records talent scout ) found him he was already considered a king amongst men in his hood.

This ghetto golden child was destined to be the one .

Through numerous mixtape's, shows and cypher's word on the street is from hood to hood said this kid is nice.

estroyed with bars and real content ghetto felt angst and pain with a twisted spliff that could rival any of his hero's on their best day. He is undeniably the truth and one of the leaders of the new school of rap.

The music industry is about to get a huge make over.

9_4 signed to $inCity Records on the same night one of his homies was killed.

He felt like if he was in the hood at the time and not somewhere inking his deal he could have saved his life. 


He never wanted to be a victim of the block, he wanted to represent the block and put the name of his hood on his back.  Now he has a chance to do that in a big way  with $inCity Records but he always thinks back to that tragic night and asks himself what if. 

Despite battling a lot of inner demons, he is currently working on

the album to conquer all albums.

The Production Bully otherwise known as The Beat Demon is on

production duty for this one and rightfully so because he is well

respected and has the midas touch.

9_4 was awarded the red Skull Head chain and is the future of rap

point blank period.

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