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The Music Man

"All I wanna do is make music..."

                         The Beat Demon

The Beat Demon (Alben Swissgrave) is the producer and engineer of all the artist's as well as the heart and soul of the body known as $inCityRecords.

He has won countless awards in his stay at the label and is well respected in the music industry as the go to guy if you want a hit or if you want to sound like pure solid gold.

His work on Zig Zag's debut album made it a classic as well as started him on a road to success in the industry that he is still driving strong on. 

He has just completed work on Kama Sutra's album which is currently and quickly climbing up the charts and earning a lot of nominations.  In other words it's on it's way to being a classic.

He is now in the studio day and night working his magic on 

9_4's debut album. 

He first fell in love with music a short time after his parents left him in a group home and he was adopted by a Nigerian family who were looking for a boy around the same age as 

their own son to play and grow up with.


In the years that followed Alben and his adopted brother

(Olu ) grew very close were soon inseparable.

The loving household and family values he learned forced him to forgot all about his troubled past and even how he got the trademark scar across his right eye. 

Through Olu's dad's connections he was able to do an apprenticeship with a then newly formed label called 

$inCity Records. 

He worked his way up the ranks at the label while still holding down his job as a nightclub dj.


When the time was right he graduated to the status of producer

of the label and brought Olu on board as a talent scout to locate

more artists to make sure $inCity is a force to be reckoned with. 


The Beat Demon was the first to ink his deal and was the first to

be awarded a red gold chain. 

The chain he wears is the darkscar chain.